For those who are into Voguing, live here in BH and recently discovered this underground scene, 2015 was an electrifying year. We are the first city in Latin America to have a regular Vogue party, with runway and dance battles. It was here that the Lipstick Trio was born, a national reference in Voguing, Waacking and Stiletto, and who elevate Voguing by dancing at a professional level. And BH was the stage for the first Brazilian festival of the style, the BH Vogue Fever, that brought people from other states and countries.

If you aren’t from here or couldn’t go to all the battles and performances, hold that pose and check out the 10 moments that gave everybody goosebumps the whole year FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CAMERA!

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10. This front page

Foto: Dila Puccini | Galpão Cine Horto - Reprodução | Jornal O Tempo

Photo: Dila Puccini | Galpão Cine Horto – Reproduction | Jornal O Tempo

This ass is already a legend of the city. What to say after this? Only that Bala Perdida (Stray Bullet) won 6 out of 8 runways of the year and Best Look of BH Vogue Fever.


With only a few days to go before the arrival of the master Archie Burnett to our Belo, we got this video directly from New York! Yeah baby!

8. The flexibility of the House of Keller

BH Vogue Fever - Mati Keller - Dila Puccini (6)

Photo: Dila Puccini | Galpão Cine Horto

The BH Vogue Fever was international not just by Archie’s presence, but also because of Mati and Martha Keller, representing the House of Keller, from Santiago, Chi chi chi! Le le le! By the photo you can see that they don’t play around? Mati took the medal for Best Runway of the night.

7. Catwalk Invasion

The BH Vogue Fever wasn’t just a party. At the workshops, Archie shared with the students the knowledge of someone who lived the Vogue culture at its epicentre. Self-taught master, he was at the balls where legends like the one and only Willi Ninja passed through.

To say that Archie Burnett is legendary means that he has been an essencial part of the Vogue scene for decades and continues to live off this art and this experience. During these three days of classes, we didn’t just learn Vogue, Waacking and Hustle, but also the value of someone who is a Legend without losing their humility.

BH Vogue Fever - Archie Burnett - Tetê Moreira

Photo: Tetê Moreira

BH Vogue Fever - Archie Burnett - Tetê Moreira

Photo: Tetê Moreira

6. This Chorus

In November, our party was on the streets, at one of the beacons of BH’s street culture and along side partners that put on a very special show – the MC Duel (Duelo de MCs). Nobody knew for sure how to freestyle Vogue with the improv of a rapper. The Lipstick demonstration was fundamental in understanding what the judges expected of the competitors. Chapinha and Heleninha Roitman stared the finals, in which Heleninha won to the sound of Bárbara Sweet’s rhymes.

5. Feminists dominating the national MC duel finale

  A stage marked by so many fights for public space also has it’s fair share of sexism and prejudices.  That’s why representativity matters! Our muses from Lipstick were invited by Bárbara Sweet to give a simple message: yes, there is going to be feminists at the MC Duel! And if you complain there’s gonna be more!

Foto: Pablo Bernardo | Indie BH

Photo: Pablo Bernardo | Indie BH

4. The signature move of the national champion

Fotos: Dila Puccini | Galpão Cine Horto

Photos: Dila Puccini | Galpão Cine Horto

He arrived quietly. Slayed on the dance floor. Took the trophy.

Henrique Alves came alone from Brasília, where we already works on projects with Vogue and Waacking. His quiet manner didn’t fool observers: when he took the floor, Henrique distributed technique and face, coordinated catwalks and dips, traditional vogue femme moves, with moments of old way, new way and acrobatics! He won memorable battles against Mati Keller (Chile) in the semifinals and Félix Pimenta (São Paulo) in the finals.

His passing through BH Vogue Fever was nothing less than inspiring. The National Champion had an exciting journey that night and left proving that the Vogue being danced in Brazil is beautiful to behold! You can se more of Henrique Alves slaying in this video.

3. #JusticeForChapinha

Foto: Bruna Brandão | Dengue Final

Photo: Bruna Brandão

We can’t really remember exactly which edition Lázaro dos Anjos appeared. He started duelling at some point during 2014 and it wasn’t an easy beginning. It’s impressive that, even in a space that is supposed to be a safe place, a celebration of diversity, he suffered bigotry.

Only Chapinha, as he is known on the dance floor, didn’t excuse himself to anyone and became one of the most frequent competitors. Suddenly, the party didn’t make sense without him. As if Best Vogue of 2014 wasn’t enough, his victory at the 2015 Finals shut every skank up.

From a technique point of view, his performance evolved visibly duel after duel, incorporating one of the most important aspects of this style, which is the fidelity to the beat of the music. Besides that, one of the marks of his passing through are the bold looks sewn by him. The initiates vibrated with the reference to the iconic reveal of Violet Chachki. During these finals, he not only defended his belt as he also honoured the hashtag #JusticeForChapinha.

Fotos: Bruna Brandão | Dengue Final

Photos: Bruna Brandão

2. What happened in this video at 2min44

In the traditional and memorable performance of the judges, the public bowed down when Archie got off the couch to dance along side the girls from Lipstick.

1. This battle

A tie. A lesson in slaying that gave us the photo of the year, that doesn’t require further explanations.

Foto do ano: Bruna Brandão

Photo of the year: Bruna Brandão

Translation by Caroline Joyce

Main photo: Trio Lipstick and Archie Burnnet at BH Vogue Fever, September 2015 (Glaydson Oliveira | Trio Lipstick)